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ZIPYRAN PLUS ® 1 pill dog dewormer

ZIPYRAN PLUS ® 1 pill dog dewormer
Zipyran plus Broad spectrum wormer for dogs

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Zipyran plus Broad spectrum wormer for dogs Dogs may be affected by a wide variety of intestinal worms. These can cause more or less clinical signs according to parasite type and sanitary status of the dog. Some of them can also affect people, specially children, who come in closer contact with dogs and the floor. Zipyran plus has a combination of drugs very effective against: -cestodes: these are the tapeworms. The most common is Dipylidium, which is transmited to the dog when he swallows a flea while scratching with his teeth. The most important for public health is Echinococcus granulosus, which is the cause of hydatidic cysts in people. -nematodes: these are whipworms, hookworms and roundworms. They are worms of different sizes, but all of them can cause a gastroenteritis in dogs of any age, usually more severe in puppies. Roundworms can affect people too. Zipyran plus can be used in dogs older than 4 weeks with high efficacy and security. Not to be used in pregnant animals. Tablets are scored for convenient oral administration, one every 10 kg not to exceed 4 tablets per dog. Only one administration is required, but for an optimum prevention and total ellimination of worms and their eggs from the environment it is advised to repeat every 3 months. Each tablet contains: -Praziquantel 50 mg -Pyrantel 50 mg -Febantel 150 mg ]

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